About Us & FAQ


About Us

The Allergy Table is a small home-based bakery founded in 2016 by Jennifer Plumer.  The Allergy Table specializes in baked goods that are free of the top 8 allergens (Peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat (gluten), egg, soy, shellfish & sesame) and full of the delicious qualities of traditional baked goods that we all know and love.

The Allergy Table is a business that was born from the simple desire to create a cider mill donut for her son Aiden, who lives with severe, life threatening food allergies.

Jen refused to let her heart be broken once again over the idea of her son being excluded from enjoying a traditional treat with the rest of his class.  Jennifer worked tirelessly to create an allergen free donut by experimenting with a variety of recipes in her own allergen-free kitchen.

After many (many) hours of research and countless failed attempts, Jen finally developed a winning recipe that tasted great and looked just like the cinnamon sugar donuts at the cider mill. This one piece of success allowed her son to participate in a school Field trip to the cider mill for the first time ever.

Once word got around school that Jen’s donuts were not only safe, but delicious too, the orders started rolling in  and a small business was born.  That one donut inspired an entire menu of items that are now available by private order and at local farmers market events in the Rochester Hills area.

This company was created first and foremost for Jen’s son Aiden, and second for every person that has ever had to sit at an Allergy Table because of a food allergy or food restriction.

We make it possible to stop saying NO to traditional baked goods and treats and start saying YES with a little help from…the Allergy Table.


To place an order simply give us a call at 586.873.0871 and we will be happy to get an order in the system for you. All new customers must call to place their orders so we can get some information from you for records. We keep a file on each customer that contains valuable information such as contact info and allergen info. This way we can answer any additional questions you may have and make sure the products your are ordering meet your dietary needs.
No, we are a home based Bakery by appointment only. Every product we sell is custom made to order.
Yes! We are a peanut free & Tree-nut free Home Bakery with the exception of coconut. We do not use coconut in any of our baked goods but coconut is stored on site in our home for our personal family use. We have many customers who have coconut allergies that order from us because of our diligent cross contamination preventions. We have sign on our door declaring us a Nut Free Environment and we take it very seriously. No outside food is allowed to enter our home for any reason whether from family, friends or customers. Every customer who picks up is asked to use a disinfectant wipe on their hands before entering past the entryway into our home in an effort to eliminate outside cross contamination.
Yes we bake custom cakes for every occasion. We offer small 6 inch personal cakes as our smallest option and large sheet cakes and two tier cakes as our larger portion options. Please call us for a quote on your next cake order. Cake flavors are offered in either chocolate or vanilla.
We use many types of sweeteners in our products. We use molasses, brown sugar, and organic cane sugar as well as locally sourced honey in some products. We believe everyone deserves to indulge once in a while and give themselves a sweet treat 🙂
We use non-gmo 100% canola oil or Extra virgin Olive oil
You have two options. You can plan to pick up your order from our vendor booth at the Rochester Farmer’s Market (where we are most Saturdays) or you can schedule a pick up from our home Bakery located Hills, Michigan. The majority of people choose to schedule a pick up from our home bakery. We have a large business sign on the front of our home for customers to easily find us when picking up. Customers pick order up from the front door and to please knock or ring the bell before entering. We respectfully ask that you do not just enter without knocking seeing as this is our home in addition to our business.
If your visiting us at the Rochester Farmer’s Market we accept cash, Visa, or MasterCard. For private orders being picked up we will email you a billing invoice for easy payment. Just click the link on the invoice to make your payment through Paypal or with your Visa or MasterCard. All orders must be paid in full at least 48 hours in advance before picking order up. We will not accept cash at the door for order pick ups and we do not keep cash in the Home Bakery to make change.
Of Course! Every product that leaves our kitchen is fully ingredient labeled and sealed. Because of products and ingredients changing so frequently we do not keep a list of ingredients on our website for our products. We are always happy to discuss all ingredients and brands with you so just give us a call.
Yes! Our Bakery is free of the top 8 allergens which include Wheat/Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Peanut/Tree-nut/Soy/Fish/Shellfish. We are also free of Sesame as well.