Bakery Videos

Bakery Videos

We have compiled a library of videos that we hope will inspire you in the kitchen!  We started with “Cupcakes 101” where Jen Plumer, Founder of the Allergy Table teaches us how to decorate cupcakes like a professional.  We love this video because it gives a little insight into Jen’s talent as a baker and how her technique can help you at home.  We followed up with “How-to” videos for our donut kits.  We often get questions about how easy it is to make donuts from our “Take & Bake” Donut Kits. You will see from these videos that they are easy and delicious!

Cider Mill Style Donuts | “How-To” Video

In this video, the Allergy Table Founder and President Jen Plumer is joined by Liz Dietrich as they show us how easy it is to make fresh Cinnamon Sugar “Cider Mill Style” Donuts right in your own kitchen.  Using a donut kit that is sold exclusively by the Allergy Table, they will take you through the steps and answer some frequently asked questions about our donut kits.  Making donuts at home has never been easier!  Watch this video below to see how they did it! To place an order for a donut kit, contact us HERE!

Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Delight Donuts | “How To” Video

Cupcakes 101