Comprehension of Risk: The Allergy Table will not be held responsible for any injury, death or allergic reactions associated with purchases of products from our Bakery. The Customer will accept all of the risks associated with their purchase from the Bakery. The Bakery has taken every effort to verify ingredients used in its products are free from the top FDA defined allergens which include: Wheat/Gluten/Soy/Peanut/Tree-Nut/Fish/Shellfish/Dairy/Egg. Although our Bakery frequently stays in contact with our product suppliers to confirm ingredients and safety practices we can not guarantee that cross contamination has not occurred from one of our suppliers. Once the consumer has received the bakery products it is the customers sole responsibility to avoid cross-contamination with known allergens with the bakery product that was produced. Our Home Bakery is a peanut and tree-nut free environment with the exception of coconut. Coconut is not used in any of our baking products but the customer should be aware that coconut products are stored on site in our kitchen for use other than the bakery. We are not a certified Gluten Free Facility but all products used in our baked goods are certified gluten free by the manufacturer. Wheat products are stored on site in our kitchen for personal use and wheat/gluten products are never being used when bakery production of products takes place. By purchasing our bakery products it is the sole responsibility of the customer to disclose all allergies or food restrictions the consumer has and the customer will be fully responsible and liable for any allergic reaction resulting from any allergic reactions due to undisclosed allergens discussed when ordering. All allergens stated upon ordering will be listed on the customer invoice via email. The customer shall understand that by making payment on the invoice for their order is a verification that they have read and confirmed all allergens listed on the invoice under the “terms and conditions” section.


Cottage Food Law Acknowledgement: The customer should be aware that the bakery operates under the Michigan Cottage Food Law. PA 113 of 2010 which excepts a “cottage food operation” from licensing and inspection provisions of the Michigan Food Law. The Bakery complies with all labeling, adulteration, and other provisions found in the Michigan Food Law, as well as other applicable state and federal laws, or local ordinances. The bakery operates in an unlicensed kitchen in a single family domestic residence. The Bakery follows food handling practices and guidelines as outlined in the Michigan Food Law to prevent potential cross-contamination of all known top allergens outlined by the FDA.

Our Bakery takes every precaution to prevent cross contamination while making orders. We do not allow outside food into our home under any circumstance and signs stating we are a peanut and tree-nut free home bakery environment. Out home bakery does not use any products that contains peanuts, or tree-nuts nor does it use these products for personal use in our home (with the exception of coconut). All customer picking orders up are asked to wipe hands with a disinfected wipe and remain in the foyer area on the rug upon entering. This is to reduce cross contamination and exposure of outside allergens from entering our home bakery. If a customer would like to tour our kitchen or enter our home beyond the pick up area then we ask they remove their shoes and wash hands first. We offer full transparency with our bakery and our products and believe everyone has a right to know what products are in their food and what practices we adhere to. During Busy holiday times, or when food is being prepared we do not allow customers into our kitchen due to cross-contamination risks.

When preparing customer orders we wear vinyl powder free gloves at all time. Due to the increasing rate of latex allergies we do NOT use latex at all in our kitchen. Please note that we are also a pet free home environment.

We are always happy to discuss any additional questions you may have so just give us a call and ask. All ingredient questions or brands will not be discussed through text messaging or email.