How can I place an Order?

To place an order simply Click the Link on the Menu Bar Titled "Order Now". Fill in the form with your details (be specific please), make sure to list all allergens, products you would like to order and when you would like it by. Please Note **Just because you fill out the Order Request Form does not guarantee you an order. All orders are based on availability and often during busy holiday seasons we limit our number of custom cakes or other menu items to allow ability to keep up with holiday seasonal items. Once you fill out and submit your form we will call you within 24 hours to get you scheduled for a pick up. We will then email you an invoice with the details of your order and the link for you to submit payment. All orders are custom made to order and because of that we require payment before your order is made. Orders cancelled within 24 hours of expected pick up will NOT be refunded.

Is The Allergy Table a Store Front Location open to the public?

No, we are a home based Bakery by appointment only. Every product we sell is custom made to order. We Do not put the address to our Home Bakery on our website and you will not find it on the internet. If you placed and order and we called or emailed you to confirm then you will receive an emailed invoice with the pick up address and payment link. All order pick ups are done by a scheduled appointment. Please be courteous of our time and arrive during the appointment window agreed upon.

Are you Nut Free?

Yes! We are a peanut free & Tree-nut free Home Bakery We have signs on our door declaring us a Nut Free Environment and we take it very seriously. No outside food is allowed to enter our home for any reason whether from family, friends or customers. When customers arrive to pick up an order please be advised that NO OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED in our home. All customers must remain in the entryway when picking up their order and we do not allow customers to use the restroom while in our home. All of these policies are put into place for safety reasons.

Do you Bake Cakes? What Types are offered?

Yes we bake custom cakes for every occasion. We offer small 6 inch personal cakes as our smallest option and large  1/2 sheet cakes and two tier cakes as our larger portion options. Please check out our cake section for our photo gallery and custom cake size and price guide to help you decide what size cake will meet your needs.

What types of sweeteners do you use?

We use many types of sweeteners in our products. We use molasses, brown sugar, and cane sugar as well as locally sourced honey in some products. We believe everyone deserves to indulge once in a while and give themselves a sweet treat 🙂

What type of fats do you use?

We use non-gmo 100%  Extra virgin Olive oil

Where do I pick up my order?

You have two options. You can plan to pick up your order from our vendor booth at the Rochester Farmer's Market (where we are most Saturdays MAY thru SEPTEMBER) or you can schedule a pick up from our home Bakery located Hills, Michigan. Customers pick orders up from the front door and we ask you to please knock or ring the bell before entering. Remember this is our home in addition to our business. Only customers who have placed an order and received and invoice will have access to our home address.

What forms of payment are excepted?

If your visiting us at the Rochester Farmer's Market we accept cash, Visa, or MasterCard. For private orders being picked up we will email you a billing invoice for easy payment. Just click the link on the invoice to make your payment through Paypal or with your Visa or MasterCard. All orders must be paid in full at least 48 hours in advance before picking order up. We will not accept cash at the door for order pick ups and we do not keep cash in the Home Bakery to make change.

Do you disclose your ingredients or Brands?

Of Course! Every product that leaves our kitchen is fully ingredient labeled and sealed.  We are always happy to discuss all ingredients and brands with you so just give us a call.

Will my order be gluten free even if I don't avoid gluten/wheat?

Yes! Our Bakery is free of the top 8 allergens which include Wheat/Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Peanut/Tree-nut/Soy/Fish/Shellfish. We are also free of Sesame as well.

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