How can I place an Order?

To place an order simply Click the Link on the Menu Bar Titled "Order Now". Fill in the form with your details (be specific please), make sure to list all allergens, products you would like to order and when you would like it by. Please Note **Just because you fill out the Order Request Form does not guarantee you an order. All orders are based on availability.

Is The Allergy Table a Store Front Location open to the public?

No, we are a home based Bakery by appointment only. Every product we sell is custom made to order. We do not put the address to our Home Bakery on our website for people to just pop in and buy things seeing as everying is custom made just for you. If you placed an order and we called or emailed you to confirm then you will receive an emailed invoice with the pick up address and payment link. All order pick ups are done by a scheduled appointment. Please be courteous of our time and arrive during the appointment window agreed upon. If you do not show up for your scheduled pick up withiout giving us prior notice we will not refund your order or reschedule your order pick up.

Are you Nut Free?

Yes! We are a peanut free & Tree-nut free Home Bakery. We have signs on our door declaring us a Nut Free Environment and we take it very seriously. No outside food is allowed to enter our home for any reason whether from family, friends or customers. When customers arrive to pick up an order please be advised that NO OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED in our home. Upon arrival we will bring your order out to your car. We do not allow customers to enter our home bakery. You will receive a reminder text for your scheduled appointment the EVENING before your pick up with arrival instructions and address again.

Do you Bake Cakes? What Types are offered?

Yes! Cakes are our specialty. We pride ourselves on helping being able to provide custom unique cakes for every occasion. We offer both basic cakes as well as custom cakes. Please visit the menu section to learn more.

What types of sweeteners do you use?

We use many types of sweeteners in our products. We use cane sugar and confectioners sugar in our products.

What type of oils do you use?

We use canola oil, organic palm oil and organic olive oil

Where do I pick up my order?

You have two options. You can plan to pick up your order from our vendor booth at the Rochester Farmer's Market (where we are most Saturdays MAY thru SEPTEMBER) or you can schedule a pickup from our home Bakery located in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Only customers who have placed an order and received and invoice will have access to our home address. All orders are boxed, ingredient labeled and brought out to your vehicle when you arrive.

What forms of payment are excepted?

Payment Details will be discussed when we reach out to confirm your order and schedule your pick up.

Do you disclose your ingredients or Brands?

Of Course! Every product that leaves our kitchen is fully ingredient labeled and sealed.  We are always happy to discuss all ingredients and brands with you so just give us a call. Please remember that we operate under the Michigan Cottage Food Law which means we are not required to have a commercial food license like a typical store front bakery. Our kitchen is not inspected by the MDARD/FDA and our products are not intended for resale/wholesale due to the restrictions involved in this law.

Will my order be gluten free even if I don't avoid gluten/wheat? 

Yes! Our products are free of the top 8 allergens which include Wheat/Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Peanut/Tree-nut/Soy/Fish/Shellfish. We are also free of Sesame as well. Please note that our products may not be safe for people with Celiac Disease. Several of our customers do have Celiac and order with us regularly but we do not have a certified Gluten Free Kitchen. Although we try to always source our ingredients to be certified gluten free not every ingredient we use is certified GF seeing as we must also maintain sourcing our ingredients from allergen safe suppliers.

Is Our Kitchen Allergen Free?

Our home-based Kitchen is free of peanut and tree nut (except coconut). As the owner and food allergy mom to a son with multiple food allergies and autoimmune issues, I understand the importance of cross contamination with allergens and take every effort to keep you and your loved ones safe by maintaining vigilant cleaning practices during our baking. Our home kitchen does contain the following allergens (soy, coconut, dairy and prepackaged products containing wheat such as crackers/cereal, sandwich bread/etc.) which are stored in a separate fridge from our baking ingredients/products and orders. We do not bake with any wheat flour in our ovens/ pans or our kitchen. All Allergy Table Orders are prepared on dedicated pans/equipment for orders that have not come in contact with any of the allergens present in our home. We are very transparent about our ingredients/ preparation and cleaning practices so please feel free to reach out and ask if you have further questions.

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