What Ingredients & Brands Do We Use?

Our products are soft and not as heavy or dense as most gluten free/allergen free baked goods. All of our items are made fresh to order and are never frozen. Each product we offer has a different shelf life and some products freeze well while others don't;  Ask us when you place your order and will help you figure out the best product for you.

We are not required to label for caloric or nutritional amounts per the Cottage Food Act of Michigan, but we do provide ingredient labels on every product that goes out our door!

We believe you have a right to know EVERY ingredient that goes into our baked goods.  Here is a brief overview of what we use to make our baked goods safe AND delicious!

Our Flour Blends:  Our brand of choice is Namaste. We use flour blends of rice flour, tapioca flour, whole grain brown rice flour, sweet rice flour, sorghum flour, arrowroot starch. Each of our baked goods uses a combination of the flours listed depending on the item and the recipe.

Dairy: Our Dairy Substitute is Rice Milk, which works really well to mimic dairy milk in recipes. Our Butter substitutes include Earth balance Soy Free and Smart Balance Original Brand. Both of which are dairy free, soy free and allergen friendly products. Our Dairy free butter substitutes have pea protein and sunflower lecithin in them which act as binders. If you have a pea allergy (legumes) please mention this when placing your order and we can use Organic Palm Oil as a substitute instead.

Oils/Fats: We use 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our oil.  Currently we use Kirkland (Costco) Brand for our Oils which have good labeling practices for cross contamination.

Egg Replacers/Binders: We use many things to replicate egg in our recipes. Every recipe is not the same so there are a variety of egg replacers we use to help achieve the most authentic texture and taste to other bakery items. We use Ener-G egg replacer, unsweetened applesauce, Xanthan Gum (Brand: Ener-G),  or Psyllium Husk.

Sweeteners: We use a variety of sweeteners to achieve the perfect blend of sweet and savory in our goodies. We use pure Michigan local honey , unsweetened organic applesauce, molasses, organic cane sugar, and brown sugar. Our Trusted sugar brands include: Wholesome, Pioneer and Kirkland.

Starches: Potato Starch, Tapioca Starch, Corn Starch (Please be aware that our products are not corn free so if you have a corn allergy our baked goods should not be consumed unless consulting with the owner for verification).

Spices & Natural Flavors: The Allergy Table uses lots of yummy things to make our products sweet and flavorful depending on the recipe and product. We use McCormick Spices for our Rosemary Herb Bread in the Winter months when we cant grow enough of our own to keep up with filling orders. McCormick is our trusted brand for Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Garlic, Minced Onion, and Salt.

We take great care to avoid all cross contamination of possible allergens in our products. Baking equipment is stored in a separate area dedicated to allergen free products. Our bowls, spoons and pans and equipment are never used for any other baking outside of the Allergy Table menu items! Every piece of equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each use as well. Jen's son has a multitude of severe food and environmental allergies, some of which are airborne and contact. She is what you would call a  "well seasoned" allergy mom. She has been baking allergy friendly baked goods and foods for over 9 years and some might call her "the crazy Allergy Mom". But she is OK with that.

Disclaimer: The Allergy Table LLC  is a registered business through the State of Michigan.  The owner operating this business is Jennifer Plumer. All products are made in her kitchen out of her home not in a commercial kitchen space. This bakery is operating under the Michigan Cottage Food Licensing Law. Please visit Michigan.gov to learn more about this law for inquires. Our products have not been inspected by the Food and Drug Association nor has our kitchen. We are an insured home bakery and meet all state regulations to operate and do business from our home. We select all ingredients responsibly to service our health minded and allergic customers to the best of our abilities. Our goal is to make eating nut free, vegan and gluten free fun and delicious!

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