Mom's Cupcakes

Regular Size: Minimum Quanity 1 Dozen/ 30.00

Jumbo Cupcakes; 4 Jumbo Cupcakes one flavor Only/ 21.00

Cupcake Tasting Box: 6 Regular Size Cupcakes (2 Vanilla/2 Chocolate/1 Lemon/1Rainbowfetti)/ 21.00 per box

Light, Moist and Fluffy Cupcakes just like mom used to make when you were a kid!


Enjoy a taste of “HOME” with these finger-licking cupcakes fresh from the oven. These can be customized for any theme or occasion making it the perfect kid-friendly dessert option for parties and events.

Available Flavors: Vanilla | Chocolate | Lemon | RainbowFetti


Ingredients Vary Per Flavor


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